Why Training?

Training is usually part of my regular work. When I build a site, I often talk the client through how to manage their site going forward, wether I continue to maintain the site or not. However I’ve never done training as part of JH Designs specifically, as it’s always been a bolt on to other projects. But now for the first time I’m offering training and in web development, brand management and digital & creative skills. This post outlines the 5 reasons for me offering this new service.

1. Transformative Training Sessions

In these dynamic training sessions, I offer more than just information; I provide an opportunity to enhance your team’s capabilities. Whether you’re a church, charity, small business, or an individual seeking to expand your creative skillset, these sessions are tailor-made to empower growth. From web development to brand management and proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud tools, each training package is designed to equip you with practical skills.

2. Engaging Learning Experience

My motivation stems from a genuine passion for interacting with people one-on-one. While much of my work involves solitary design endeavors, I treasure the face-to-face interactions that fuel my creativity. These training sessions provide the perfect avenue for us to collaborate, share insights, and together, discover new horizons in design and development.

3. In conjuction with Colab

Another reason for doing this is in conjunction with Colab, the business my wife and I run together and that seeks to equip individuals and organisations and to be all that they can be and to give them support and skills that they might not have in their context. Our heart is to see churches thrive, and part of that thriving is in the online digital space and I want to be able to bring my skills off of my skills to people and communities and that may need them.

4. Answering a Call for Support

I recognize that not every organization or individual has access to all the resources they need. Many times, church leaders, youth coordinators, and charity workers are placed in contexts demanding skills they might not possess. My aim is to bridge that gap. By sharing my expertise, I want to aid you in fulfilling your calling with confidence.

5. Making Quality Affordable

I understand the financial constraints often faced by charities, churches, and small organizations. Hiring a dedicated designer for every project can be cost-prohibitive. However, through these training sessions, you’re not just investing in knowledge – you’re investing in the ability to create quality designs, develop your brand, and manage your web presence efficiently and from within your own skills or team.

So get in touch if you are interested in taking advantage of this great you know high value training offer and maybe you want to sponsor this training for an intern or a church leader or maybe yourself and a part of a small team and could really do with some additional input and skills so give me a call if this is kind of thing you’re interested in and we can set something up.

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